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Jessica Lubetsky





"We cut down trees like there’s no tomorrow, but tomorrow caught up with us yesterday.”

– Yvonne Featherer (a very old friend of mine)



Jessica brings nearly twenty years of experience strategizing, managing, organizing, and implementing successful initiatives aimed at changing policy at both the federal and state levels. Most recently, she ran her own communications and policy strategy firm working on a variety of issues from artists rights to climate change. Previous to that she served as the Executive Director to The E2e Project, a joint initiative of The University of California, Berkeley, University of Chicago, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For eight years, Jessica led the Pew Charitable Trusts’ industrial energy efficiency advocacy campaign that resulted in administrative action and legislative and regulatory policy and managed the finance and investment research portfolio that was quoted by President Obama, Members of Congress, and other world leaders, and received hundreds of domestic and international media clips.


Jessica began her career at the Sierra Club, working with legends like Lois Gibbs to urge Congress to fund the clean-up of Superfund sites nationwide. She worked for Alley Cat Allies where she trained advocates and helped pass laws that end the killing of outdoor cats in shelters. Jessica has a Masters in the Study of Environmental Law from Vermont Law School and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from The George Washington University. As a volunteer, she served as a Co-Chair of Sierra Club’s National Toxics Committee where she led the campaign that resulted in recalls of lead-contaminated toys in products marketed to children. Jessica is the past President of the EcoWomen Executive Board , an organization devoted to professional development of women who work for the environment. She is a lifelong treehugger who eats, sleeps and breathes environmentalism. Jessica composts everything she can, has implemented a paper and plastic reduction act at her home, enjoys free energy from her rooftop solar array, and drives a hybrid electric plug-in vehicle when she is not taking public transit. Jessica lives in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC with her similarly environmental-nerd husband, two kids, giant dog, and elderly cat.


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